Uses of Aloe vera plant- Benefits, Risks

Uses of Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant has been in the history of man for a long long time. The plant has been with human civilization. The hieroglyphics of Cleopatra say about how the Queen had used the plant in her beauty treatments. The queen had been the most beautiful woman in the history of mankind and the world still remembers her for her world-famous beauty treatments for herself. This is one of the secrets of her ingredients, the aloe vera plant.

The aloe vera plant has been found in the books of Mesopotamian civilization which call them the healing plant for the small burns and cuts. The aloe plant not only reviews the skin but also behaves like a medicinal plant in the ayurvedic type of medicine. The aloe vera plant extract is found in the gel of the aloe plant. The gel is very good even in its nutritious value and is well known among beauty experts and dieticians. Today, even the doctors take interest in the aloe vera plant. There are several benefits of aloe vera plant.

1. Overview of uses of aloe vera plant

The overview of the aloe vera gel is quite wondrous. The overview model observes many criteria in the necessity of aloe vera. What are the plants which you want in your house for minor Burns and cuts? It is always an aloe vera plant. The gel of the aloe vera plant is very helpful in treating the sunburns as well. This plant acts as both a relief agent and household decor. The necessity of this plant is such that it is also known as the Lily of the Desert.

The succulent nature of this plant has been used in the history of mankind for a very long time. It has been used in ancient Egyptian civilization. The plant is a native of North Africa, South Europe, and the canary islands. The plant is now grown all over the world because of the medical values which are very well known.

The plant is a very strong one and has good Structural efficiency to grow well. This plant has several medicinal usages which were initially used in the ayurvedic type of medicine but now is being used by multinational companies for their herbal products as well. This is one of the benefits of the aloe vera plant.

The scientists are trying their best to unveil the secrets of the aloe plant. The aloe plant has several byproducts too. They are equally important to mankind. One must not forget this while they are reading or researching about the aloe vera plant.

2. Heartburn relief

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a type of disorder of the digestive system which is responsible for the effect of heartburn. The heartburn is not a disease of the heart. The review of 2010 is the one which states that the consumption of one to three ounces of aloe gel can reduce the symptoms of GERD to a great extent. The severity of GERD can be reduced to a great extent when the aloe gel is consumed on a daily and regular basis. The aloe also reduces other types of digestive malfunctions.

The low toxicity of the plants makes it possible for the plant to treat digestive disorders with minimum side effects. The remedy of aloe gel is quite safe and gentle for any kind of treatment. Whenever the product is a gentle one, there is very little chance of it harming the body of human beings. Being a very mild product, aloe vera becomes helpful for human beings but at the same time do not cause any major side effects in them. This is one of the uses of aloe vera.

3. Keeping produce fresh

A study in the year 2014 was published by the Cambridge University Press. The study was published on an online basis. The press looked at these tomato plants which were coated with the aloe gel thickly. The reports were observed by checking the less growth of bacteria in these tomatoes for quite a long time. The different types of bacteria can be prevented by coating the plant in the aloe gel. The same experiment was later done on apples.

The apples were coated with the aloe gel and the same result was observed. Yes, aloe gel can keep the fruits and vegetables very fresh. The fruits and veggies remain fresh and this avoids the use of external and other harmful chemicals to preserve the plant. The dangerous chemicals are generally used to prolong the shelf life of the veggies. This too is one of the uses of aloe vera. These can easily be avoided with the application of aloe gel on the vegetables or fruits.

4. An alternative to mouthwash

In the year 2014, the trusted study source of the Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences had made a study. The researchers had found the aloe vera plant to be a very safe alternative to the chemical-based mouth cleaners. The plant is quite effective in cleaning as a mouthwash without causing any kind of harm. The aloe extract is a very good mouthwash for human beings as it contains a very healthy dosage of vitamin C.

The natural ingredients of the plant are composed of this vitamin C which is very good for the blockage of the plaque formation. This is one of the best uses of aloe vera. The relief provided by the aloe gel is extended to the bleeding and swollen gums. The relief of this plant is the best one as it has almost no side effects.

5. Lowering your blood sugar

The regular ingestion of two tablespoons of aloe vera juice in a day reduces the blood sugar level in people who have diabetes of type 2 one. This is a result of a study according to a trusted source in phytomedicine. This research has been carried out by the International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacy.

This is wonderful news for any person with type two diabetes as it is non-dependent on the insulin type of diabetes. This can be a new direction in the treatment of diabetes. These results were verified by another source and that research showed that the pulp extract can treat type 2 diabetes.

6. Shop for aloe vera juice

You can shop for aloe vera juice with caution. This is because the aloe nice is the best medium in reducing the glucose levels in the blood. But people with already low blood sugar tendencies can face fatal issues. The blood level can be reduced by consuming aloe but the issue is greater when you have low blood sugar levels. The blood sugar may fall rapidly and this can harm the person who consumes it. The blood sugar may lower to a dangerous level.

7. A natural laxative

The aloe vera plant is a natural laxative. The studies have decided that the aloe vera is a natural laxative. There are a number of studies that look into the usefulness of the succulent to help in the process of digestion. The results are mixed in most of the cases. There is no definitive view. But it is considered to be one of the uses of aloe vera.

There is a team of scientists from Nigeria who had made a test on rays and found out that the gel made from a typical aloe vera plant can help to revive the rats from constipation. The other studies by the national institute of health looked into these matters as well. The consumption of the entire aloe vera leaves extract can reveal a kind of tumor growth. The large intestines of these rats.

In the year 2002, the US food and drug administration is the organization which requires that all over the counter aloe vera products to be removed from the counter of the US subcontinent or must be reformulated. The Mayo Clinic, on the other hand, say that the aloe vera plant can help to relieve constipation. But the effect is sparing. The dosage is said to be 0.04 to 0.17 grams and that too of the dried juice. It is sufficient for everyone.

When you have Crohn’s disease, colitis, hemorrhoids, aloe vera is not the best product for you. It is bound to cause you abdominal cramps as diarrhea. Aloe vera must not be consumed in the condition when you are taking other medications as well. The aloe vera sometimes reduces the body’s ability to absorb other drugs when the aloe is being consumed.

8. Skincare

Aloe vera can keep the skin clear and hydrated. The clear and hydrated skin makes you look so fresh. This plant is a succulent in the desert and dry areas. The unstable climates are the best in preserving the plants.  The plant can store so much water run their leaves to survive in the conditions which are so harsh for the other plants. These leaves are water-dense in nature and they are combined with the special Lang compounds. These compounds are known as complex carbohydrates.

The complex carbohydrates make the plant a good face moisturizer and a good reliever of pain. The aloe vera thus becomes a very good medium for skin preservation. 

Nowadays, aloe vera extract is used in several body lotions and soaps. The face packs use the aloe vera gel as well. Aloe vera is a very good plant for most types of beauty treatment. The gel of the aloe vera plant can be taken by slitting the plant lead into two. The gel then taken in the hand can be used as a face pack to be applied to keep the face hydrated and moisturized. That is how the aloe vera gel should be applied in the face. This is one of the most common uses of aloe vera

9. Potential to fight breast cancer

Evidence-based complementary medicines have been researched which states that the aloe vera plant can be a preventive measure or treatment measure in case of fighting breast cancer.  Alternative medicine can be used in place of the other human-made chemical products.

The compound named as the aloe-emodin is very good for the tumor stoppage in case of breast cancer. More studies are made in this field which will create a new vision in the treatment of breath cancer with aloe vera plant extract.

The Final Words

There are a number of methods that can be applied to use the aloe vera in several other techniques as well. There are a number of methods in which the aloe plant can be used and the usage extends to stop the benefit of most of the people and their problems.

The aloe vera plant extract can treat the various common burns and cuts that happen regularly in any household. Aloe vera is a good option for using as a medicinal plant of the home. This is how the aloe plant can be really helpful to human civilization.

There are several rules about how to use aloe vera plants. There are several uses of aloe vera as we have talked about. Keep them in your home and your neighbors. Keep yourselves healthy.

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