10 Reasons your Aloe vera Plant is dying and how to revive wilting aloe vera

Why Aloe Vera Plant is Dying

Aloe vera is one of the best plants for housing as it is easy to grow and look. With little care, the plant provides numerous benefits for our complete body. It is used in treating several health issues as well. Though it is difficult for an aloe vera to wilt and die, still it can happen. And if you are wondering why aloe vera plant is dying? Then do not worry anymore. We will discuss here the 10 reasons which could be making your aloe vera plant droopy and brown. Solutions for how to fix a dying aloe vera plant are mentioned below along with their causes.

Causes and Solutions for a dying aloe vera plant

1. Inadequate Lighting

Aloe grows in direct sunlight but too much direct sunlight can be dangerous and damage the plant. To heal the sunburned aloe vera, move it(or them ) to a shady spot and then diffuse light. If you had indoor aloe vera then at the time of moving them out start with shady spots and slowly transit it to sunnier spots.

2. Temperature Changes

Temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit causes the aloe vera to turn brown and die slowly. Similarly, the too hot temperature will cause the same. Therefore, when it is too cold outside keep them indoors and vice versa. And for the non-potted plants, during colder months insulate them with the help of blanket as they can not be moved.

3. Insufficient Watering

You can revive an aloe vera plant but first, how do you know your aloe vera is dying? If your precious aloe vera plant seems withered, brown and dry, then it is time for you to look after it a bit more than you are doing. The aloe vera shows these 3 signs when it is not getting enough water, so during warm weather water your aloe vera frequently. And you do not need to do much as well.

4. Overwatering

When you mistakenly overwater your aloe vera then the leaves start to develop water-soaked spots. These look like the soft and soggy type of spots. The leaves also appear saturated, gel-like and gradually turn to mush and then plant dies. Water only when the soil dries out completely. And to save your plant dry it out with rooting powder and remove all that appears to be dead.

5. Drainage problem

If the pot of your aloe vera plant lacks the drainage holes then it will lead to waterlogging which will lead to the death of the roots of the plant. The same problem is caused when people put pebbles in the pot. Therefore, make sure the pot of the plant has drainage holes and do not put pebbles in the plant as it does the opposite of what is expected.

6. Soil Problem

Aloe vera is a succulent plant so the soil of this should have extra sand and perlite. This applies to both potted as well as non-potted plants. When it comes to fertilization, do it once a month that too only in months of summer and spring. One houseplant fertilizer will also work well when it is diluted to half.


An infestation of pests is one of the main causes of browning in the aloe vera. Mealybugs, mites, and scales affect the plant negatively. You can spray them with water or use insecticides, alcohol-soaked wipes, or miticides. Affected leaves need to be removed though. Also, before using any chemical on the plant, test it on a smaller area.

7. Salts

Fertilizing the plant can cause the build-up of excess soil in the plant which burns the roots and causes browning. To treat this, leach the soil with a good amount of water and repot the plant.

8. Nutrition

As said these plants are easy to look after, therefore you do not need to feed them much. Only once a month feeding with diluted food of plant at its half strength is good enough for aloe vera.

9. Chemical Exposure

Browning of the aloe vera can also occur due to chemical exposure maybe by herbicide drift of the wind or by a splash of cleaning chemicals. To treat this remove the few affected leaves and transplant the aloe vera into a vascular system.


So by now, you must know why aloe vera plant is dying. And you can treat them with the above-mentioned healing methods. Follow the basic and almost effortless care routine for the aloe vera and you will have lushed-green, healthy aloe vera at your home.

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