12 House Plants That Can Survive In The Darkest Corner Of The House

Don’t push yourself back to get a new plant until you move to a sunnier place. You just don’t need to wait. There are some plants that can survive easily even at the darkest corners of your space. If you want to know about those plants, check out the complete article.  Those plants will not only look beautiful in the darkest corners of your home, they even survive easily with very little care and maintenance.

12 Houseplants That Can Survive In Darkest Corners Of Your Home:

1. Dragon Tree:

Dragon tree is one of the best plants to grow in your space, which doesn’t need sunlight for its healthy growth. It just hates sunlight, so keep it away from the sun.

2. Calatheas:

Calatheas are a beautiful plant with its darkest green leaves that add beauty to your home. Even though it loves dark places, it even needs some light for its better growth.

3. Spider Plant:

Spider plant is one of the most popular houseplant and super easy to grow plant due to its adaptability. The best part about this plant is that it is easy to propagate and share with others. It can stand still, even if you neglect it for weeks and can thrive easily in low light conditions.

4. Bromeliads:

This houseplant can actually survive on florescent light alone easily and thrives in humid conditions like bathrooms too.

5. Peace Lily:

Peace lily is a beautiful plant that produces white flowers. It looks amazing wherever you place it in your room and the best part about this plant is, it can easily survive in darkest corners with little care. It actually needs to dry out between watering, so water them only when the top of the soil is dry.

6. Dumb Canes:

Dumb canes are one of the best plants that suit for darkest corners in your place. This plant even looks beautiful with brighter and tender leaves in the spring and winter seasons.

7. Ferns:

There are more than 2,000 species of ferns that works perfectly in your darkest corners. These tropical plants won’t stand in dry air but can live happily in shadows. They require frequent spraying of the leaves, especially during warmer seasons.

8. Neoregelia:

This is a tropical plant that grows well with only artificial lightening. It loves wet conditions, like bathrooms or patios. It even looks beautiful and great in your space.

9. Aglaonema:

This is another best plant for low light and a perfect one for would-be gardeners. It can survive easily with low maintenance and sunlight.

10. Flame Violet:

Flame violet gives you beautiful flowers in the summer and fall seasons. However, you can find this plant flowers in different colors like orange, red, yellow, pink, white and lavender.

11. African Mask:

African Mask is a tropical plant that survives easily in humid temperatures. It needs a little amount of sunlight otherwise the leaves of this plant will wither away easily in a short time.

12. Aralia Ming:

Aralia Ming is also known as a happy plant and grows well in darkest corners. You should keep this plant away from the sunlight to keep it happy and healthy.

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