5 Secrets for Successful Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe Vera is a cactus-like succulent plant species. Aloe Vera plants also have medicinal properties in it. It can thrive in all conditions and grows in tropical or semi-tropical climates. Aloe Vera can be easily grown indoors as well as outdoors. If proper plant care is provided to these plants they can live for many years.

Here are some do‘s and don’ts to grow your Aloe Vera plant successfully.

There is not much about the caretaking of the Aloe Vera plant because it grows better without care and when neglected. They thrive better on neglect.

1. Proper watering

Proper watering is very essential for Aloe Vera plant growth because of most of the people over water the plant and therefore resulting in killing the plant over time.
Aloe Vera plants usually grow in a desert climate where they hardly get any rain. they can hold water in their leaves for very long periods of time without replenishing them.

2-Do not overwater Aloe Vera plant

Overwatering will cause root rot in the Aloe Vera plant eventually causing the stem and the roots of the plant to rot and killing the plant from the bottom up. Aloe Vera plant likes to be watered more during summers than the winter season.

3-Dry out soil completely between watering

It is always recommended to water Aloe Vera plants only when the soil is completely dried out using fingerdip method works wonders for its growth. According to this method dip 1 inch of your finger into the soil to check moisture, water it if it is completely dry. Make sure that when you water it, you water it thoroughly so that all the extra water at the bottom runs out from drainage holes in the pot.

4-How much sun does Aloe Vera needs

Another most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is proper lighting. Aloe Vera plant grows best when they get lots of sunlight. They can tolerate any kind of sunlight, be it partial or full sunlight. But it’s better to avoid direct noon sunlight. When it comes to indoors Aloe Vera plants tend to get leggy and shabby if they do not receive adequate lighting. If you do not have access to proper sunlight then you can also keep your Aloe Vera plants under LED lights, they tend to grow just as normal if not better under these lights.

5- Best potting mix for Aloe Vera plants

The best soil for Aloe Vera is one that drains water very quickly and does not hold water at all. One way to create your own perfect succulent soil makes is to mix any good quality garden soil for about 30-40% and then sand. One thing that needs to be taken care of is the use of sea or beach sand is strictly prohibited because of its salty content. You can also put some gravel chips, pebbles, and ever some small marbles for about 10%. You can even add a very little amount of charcoal as this will prevent the plant while from fungus infection and will protect the roots of the plant from rotting.

These are 5 secret tricks and tips for the successful growth of Aloe Vera plants.

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