Aloe Vera Fertilizing Tips – What’s the Best Aloe Vera Fertilizer?

Aloe Vera Fertilizing Tips

Aloe vera is one of the wonderful houseplants and works perfectly for the beginner gardeners. It requires very little care and thrives easily in containers too. While this succulent is known for its spiky, fleshy leaves can grow well in poor soil conditions and responds favorably for occasional fertilization. Because some extra care for your houseplant will not only make it healthy, it also encourages fast growth too. Let’s learn some tips for aloe vera fertilizing.

Is Using Fertilizer Important For Your Aloe Plant?

As I said earlier, it is a succulent which very little care in order to thrive. In fact, one of the worst things you do to for an aloe vera plant is to look after it closely and watering it too much that leads to the cause of root rot.

So, does the same hold for using fertilizers too? Yes and No, because they are adapted to poor desert soils and can survive with little in way of nutrients, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from occasional feeding.

You must fertilize aloe vera plant often, especially when they’re growing in containers which work wonders in keeping it healthy and strong.

When To Feed Aloe Vera Plants?

Feeding aloe vera plants needs to be done often. It’s best to limit your applications to the growing season, starting in spring.

For garden aloe vera plants, single drenching in spring ought to be enough to last the whole year. For container aloe vera plants, you must apply fertilizer once a month.

The best fertilizer to use is liquid 10-40-10 houseplant mixes. Avoid granular fertilizers and if your aloe is in container water it thoroughly the day before feeding. So, that water flushes out lingering salts and reduces the risk of tip burn.

This plant needs very little in way of nutrients and while little boost is good for them and too much of good thing will overwhelm them.

Fertilizer Cautions:

Poor fertilizer practices can harm or kill your aloe vera easily. Schedule once a month fertilizer application and thoroughly water your aloe vera plant. Irrigate it until moisture starts dripping out of aloe vera container bottom drainage holes. It also helps to create a moisture film around the plant’s root network, protecting it from nitrogen burns when you apply it. Always apply the fertilizer at the base and avoid getting it on its foliage or stems because this can result in injuring the plant.

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Lots of love for your aloe plant…!

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