Aloe Vera Plant Problems And Common Issues

Aloe Vera Plant Problems

Aloe vera is an easy to grow and hard to kill houseplant to be around. With proper care and attention, it grows big and purifies air in your home, and prevents toxin gases like benzene, formaldehyde, etc. But, just like other plants you also need to deal with some common issues and problems when growing aloe vera plant in your space. If you aren’t aware of those problems, have a look and know how to prevent them in an easy way through this article.

Common Problems And Issues of Aloe Vera Plant:

Brown Mushy Leaves:

Check the stems of your plants to make sure it’s firm and healthy. If the stems look good and healthy, but leaves are brown and mushy trim them off at the point where it’s attached to the stem. Then, make a schedule for watering your aloe vera plant to get rid of brown mushy leaves in the coming days.

Mushy Stem:

Overwatering is one of the reasons for the cause of mushy stems. If you see mushy stems, cut the stem above the rotted section and try rooting it. Make sure to cut off all rot, it will just continue to spread.

Drooping Leaves:

Inadequate sunlight, cold temperatures, too-shallow container, and a fungal infection causes your leaves to droop. To help your plant grow better, you should know and understand why the droop happens. Plant it in the right container and provide the right temperature to encourage its growth and to avoid dropping of leaves. Place the container indoors in the winter season and waterless.

Dried Brown Leaves:

If your aloe Vera leaves are drying out and shivering up, this is a sign it’s getting too dry and could use more moisture. Just trim off the dry leaves from the plant and make it free.

Brown leaf Tips:

Underwatering is the number one cause of brown leaf tips, but could also be from sun scorch. If the leaves of your plant are thin, it’s better to water it often will help you to prevent brown leaf tips.

Plant Is Too Tall Or Thin:

The plant becomes too tall or too thin when it doesn’t get enough sunlight. So, to prevent it, move it to a spot where it gets enough sunlight throughout the day or just add a grow light to give it more exposure.

Pests And Diseases:

Pests like aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites often found on aloe vera plants. Use neem oil or dish soap liquid mixed with a little amount of water to get rid of these pests. Fertilize your aloe vera with an organic fertilizer that works great. Or use pre-made compost tea, or buy compost tea bags and brew your own. Fertilizing aloe vera in its growing season can help to encourage its flowers.

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