Can Aloe Vera Plant Bring Good Luck and Fortune Into Your Home?

aloe vera good luck plant

Houseplants will not only purify the air around us, but they also help in releasing some positive energy in the environment we live in. According to many types of research, houseplants also help in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety and that’s the reason many people loved to have houseplants on their office tables, houses, etc.

It’s a known fact that houseplants bring nature inside our home. But, do they bring fortune and good luck in our lives too? While these claims are hard to prove scientifically and they are equally disproved and most people especially those who love houseplants have relied on the special qualities of some plants for generations.

Well, there are few plants that are not only attractive but also affordable that are reputed to have powerful effects in helping people prosper as well as good luck.

Can Aloe Vera Bring Good Luck Or Fortune In Your Home?

Of course YES! Aloe vera is succulent and has stemless, thick fleshy leaves fanning out from the plant’s central system. This plant is known to bring good luck and optimism into a living space and prevents all negative vibes. It is equally known for its healing qualities. The gel present in aloe vera leaves can help to heal all types of skin conditions including scars, burns, and irritation.

This is hard to kill the plant, but easily dies when you overwater it or leaving it to stay long hours in wet soil. Place your plant in a container with excellent drainage and keep it in a spot where it gets enough indirect sunlight to thrive healthily.

Apart from aloe vera below are some plants that are known to bring good fortune and look to your homes. Take a look!

Lucky Bamboo:

A lucky bamboo plant can easily light up any corner in your home with its slender vertical stalks and vibrant green leafy branches. This plant has been a symbol of good fortune and prosperity in Asia for thousands of years. You’ll have more luck and success if you get this plant as a gift.

Holy Basil:

Holy basil is a wonderful herb and is revered in Hindu mythology for its spiritual characteristics and it is thought to have many healing effects. When placed inside our homes, it is also known to clear negative energy and attract positive vibration to the environment. Place it in a bright spot so that it gets a lot of sunlight to encourage its growth.

Peace Lily:

The peace lily is a beautiful flowering plant that produces white flowers that shine above lush, forest green foliage like white flags of peace. This plant is said to bring prosperity and serenity to your home. It also helps in purifying the air and neutralizes harmful gases that prevent asthma, headaches, and other serious illnesses.


Lavender is one of the most beautiful flower plants with green-gray foliage. The gorgeous flowers of this plant have unforgettable fragrance and it is reputed to have many magical properties that protect and heal us when placed indoors. It also said to believe that it brings stability and clarity to your life.


Jasmine often grows as a climbing vine, but you can also bring it indoors as a shrubby houseplant. It produces star-shaped white flowers with a star power fragrance when given the proper care. This plant is said to stimulate energy and enhances self-esteem and strengthens relationships. It also helps in giving you good sound sleep throughout the night when placed in bedrooms.

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