Can I spray my aloe vera plant with vinegar?

Hey plant lovers! You might have heard about the wonderful uses of vinegar in all your household works. And wondering to use it on your houseplants too? Do you think using vinegar on your houseplants helps them to thrive well? Well, the answer is no, you can’t use vinegar directly on any houseplant including the aloe vera.

Spraying vinegar on your aloe vera plant will dry out the leaves and give them a very hard time recovering. Spraying it on the soil might result in kill the plant completely.

Let’s see how!

Can I Spray Vinegar On Your Aloe Vera Plant?

Household vinegar gets a lot of popularity of being a useful items to have in the kitchen as well as in-home, some people believe that they can do miracles on plants. As It contains 5 to 8 percent of acetic acid which is a dominant chemical that has a pungent smell and distinctive smell.

So, when you spray it on your aloe vera plant cause acetic acid interacts with the cell membranes of leaves and results in drying out the plants’ leaves. But, the best thing is the results are quick and they don’t last long. Although the plant looks dead within 24 hours from the incident, in most cases the roots are still alive and the plant grows again in no time.

However, this is not applicable to all houseplants. Perennials and most acid-loving plants benefit from using vinegar often for their healthy growth. So, when you spray it on the plants, what about its roots? What if vinegar gets into the soil?

It’s completely okay when the little amount of vinegar is in the soil especially for perennials. Small quantities of household vinegar are not efficiently absorbed by the root system so chances are the plant will not die.

Effects Of Using Vinegar On Common Houseplants:

The damage of using vinegar on houseplants depends on the size and age of the plant.

On Acid Loving Plants:

Spraying vinegar solution on acid-loving plants helps them to thrive well as they feel very comfortable in rather an acid environment and make the most out of it.

On Succulents:

Using vinegar on succulent plants like aloe vera results in causing scars on its leaves if it is sprayed in little quantities. If you use it on a large amount of the succulent plant, it develops a fungal infection and dies within 3 weeks to 2 months.

If you want to use it on your aloe vera plant, mix one part of vinegar solution with three parts of water and use it to spray it on your plant. It helps in reducing pests and diseases on your plant.

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