Do Aloe Vera Leaves Grow Back?

Aloe vera is a great succulent that grows anywhere in your space. It doesn’t need much attention and care for its healthy growth. There are over 300 varieties of aloe vera plants, some of them produce short stubby leaves and others can easily reach up to 15 feet tall.

However, if the leaf of aloe vera plant breaks unexpectedly, will they grow back like before? Can we need to do anything about it? Of course yes, below are some simple steps to follow to regrow the broken lead of this succulent.

Do Aloe Vera Leaves Grow Back?

Generally, tips and ends of the branches of aloe vera plant damaged and die often. But, this is not the end of the world and the aloe vera is not going to die. There are three simple things you need to do if you find them on your plant.

  • Leave it off and get on with life.
  • Just cut off the brown piece and allow it to grow
  • Cut down the entire lead and use its gel for your healthy skin.

If you break the leaf or if you want to grow aloe vera from leaf, follow the below steps to grow it again.

  • Allow the leaf to dry, especially the wet edge until a thin layer of skin develops over the moist sap.
  • You can even leave it for 2-3 days to dry off the edge completely.
  • Now, take a wide pot and fill it with sandy loam mixture and insert the broken leaf one third in the way into the soil. Spray some water on it.
  • For the first month, while the aloe vera leaf is transplanting keep the soil moist but never wet. Then it starts to shrink and shrivel by developing roots.
  • Aloe vera plant doesn’t need much water so water them once in a week and place the pot near sunlight. If you live in a cold climate, keep the pot near a window during cold evenings.

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