Growing Different Types of Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe Vera has been using thousands of years due to its medicinal properties. It is native from the tropical region of North Africa and the best part is you can even grow this beautiful plant in your home with just a little care. There are many types of aloe plants and the most common one is aloe vera which has thick fleshy leaves.

Almost any type of aloe vera can be grown outdoors in hot dry conditions. Because some of them are toxic and it’s quite important to have true aloe vera variety if you want to make use of its healing gel.

Check out different types of aloe vera and how to grow them in this article.

Common Aloe Vera Varieties:

As I said earlier there are many varieties of aloe vera and most of them are native to various parts of Africa and nearby areas such are drought and heat tolerant. Its derivatives have currently reached all-time high for both internal and external uses. That is the reason why many gardeners love to have this plant in their indoor and outdoor garden.

Stone Aloe (Aloe Petri cola):

This type of Aloe vera plant grows up to two feet with bi-colored blooms which make them twice as tall. Stone aloe is named because of its hardy nature that thrives easily in rocky areas. You can see its blooms even in midsummer and adding several plants of this type in your rock garden will add fresh color if needed in your landscape. This plant is used to heal burns and for easy digestion.

Climbing Aloe (Aloe Ciliaris):

Climbing Aloe got its common name due to its ability to climb and grow up to 5 meters in length. It produces large orange and red flowers, so it’s completely easy to differentiate from other varieties. This plant also attracts bees and sunbirds for enhancing the environment around your plant. It blooms all around the year if given proper care given.

Spider Aloe (Aloe Humilis):

Spider aloe has long and triangular leaves with white speckles and takes the form of a rosette. It produces red, orange, and yellow flowers and considered one of the popular choices among gardeners. The flowers of this plant look great with orange and red blooms around the year and its gel is effective for treating sunburn.

Lace Aloe (Aloe Aristata):

Aloe aristata is also known as lace aloe and guinea fowl aloe which is a stemless succulent and has white speckles. It produces red-orange flowers that grow up to 20 inches and has deep green leaves. Just like the other variety of aloe vera, this plant also attracts a variety of birds, insects, and bees to help other plants around it. Its roots are widely used in making medicines.

Spiral Aloe (Aloe polyphilia):

Aloe Vera Plants Types

Spiral Aloe is one of the most attractive with perfect spirals of pointed leaves forming the beautiful shapes of plants. Make sure to take some special care when you get this plant to your garden. Flowers of this plant are showy that appear in spring on well-established plants.

Cape Aloe (Aloe Ferox):

Cape aloe is a relative plant of bitter aloe which comes from a layer of its inner juices. Just like bitter aloe vera, cape aloe also has a layer of juice similar to those in aloe vera is used in cosmetics. Growing this variety of succulent provides a showy in the landscape of zone9-11.

Fan Aloe (Aloe plicatilis):

The leaves of this plant look exactly like the shape of the fan. It is an endangered species and protected from common uses, this plant also attracts birds and bees to the garden which is useful as a backup for other succulent plants.

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