How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow? (And How To Grow It Faster)

How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow

Aloe Vera is an attractive succulent that makes a great indoor companion. This is also one of the popular succulent and its unique shape and texture make for attractive potted plants. Additionally, it’s great to have on hand because you can use its fresh gel for healing burns, cuts and all other skin issues. If you have got a new aloe vera plant and excited to know how it grows and how to take care of it then this article is for you.

Aloe vera plants will take 3-4 years to grow completely when they are grown indoors and can reach up to 8-12 inches long. To encourage its growth, you must make some preparations before planting and make sure to provide it everything that needs for its healthy growth.

How Fast Aloe Vera Grow?

Aloe vera is one of the fast-growing succulents and there is no precise growth for them. But in general, you should notice changes in aloe vera plant over the month like producing new leaf from its central rosette once a month. Significant increases in size should take place in a period of four months.

It takes several years for an indoor aloe vera to grow from a pup to a full-grown plant with leaves as its base that are around 8-12 inches in length. And if the plant is treated with the right care, it continues to grow very slowly until it reached the maximum size of about 18 inches in height and width.

How To Make Aloe Grow Faster?

There are no secrets in growing aloe vera, the most effective to get your aloe vera plant growing faster is to give it excellent care and keep it in the right environment.


Aloe vera grows faster in a bright and sunny spot a windowsill or spot on the counter that gets 6 hours of sunlight is perfect for it.

It prefers dry soil or moist soil and makes sure you don’t overwater this plant. Because that won’t help it grow faster, instead of results in causing root rot.


Choose a container that is large and wide enough that encourages its healthy growth. When you water this plant, allow it to soak completely through the container. Aloe can take in lots of water at once because it rains seldom in its usual habitat.


Using little fertilizer may help it to speed up its growth. As this succulent does naturally grow in sandy soil with low nutrient levels, so won’t necessarily need much feeding.

It’s tempting to give a lot of fertilizer but that can do more harm to your plant. They do need a lot of nutrients and can start to show “burns” on the leaf tips if you overdo it.

Don’t allow your aloe vera plant to become overcrowded:

Aloe vera produces pups, which are nothing but baby plants from the sides of the mother plant. These pups should be removed to enhance the growth of the mother plant.

Then repot them in the new pot to start new plants. If not, the crowing around the mother plant causes competition for water and nutrients and encourages mold and insect infestations which results in slow down the growth of your aloe plant.

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