How Often Do You Water Aloe Vera Plants?

How Often Water Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant is a succulent and considered as one of the best drought-tolerant plant. However, they do need water, just like other plants. But do you know how much amount of water does aloe need for its healthy growth? How often water aloe vera plants? Watering them with the right amount is an important aspect to care aloe vera plant. Check out the complete article to know the information.

Watering Aloe Plant In The Right Way:

Like all other succulents, aloe vera is a plant that grows well in hot and air conditions, naturally. They need a low amount of water to survive and require infrequent irrigation. Because excessive watering may lead to cause of root rot.

The leaves look brown, droopy and soft if you overwater them. And if they appear puckered, discolored and dry then it is an indication of drought.

How Often Do You Water Aloe Vera Plant?

Watering aloe plant depends on different factors, if you’re growing it in a pot or ground you need to water them regularly in warmer seasons and once in two weeks in the winter season.

And if you’re growing in the shade or indoors, it can go for a month without water. In full sun, you should water them every week. The plant with a number of pups around the base of it needs lots of water now and then.

Watering A Garden Aloe Plant:

If you’re growing your aloe in the garden, then you need to water them occasionally as they absorb water from the soil and retain it in their leaves for a long time. But, it’s better to water them once every 2 weeks and often whenever the soil looks dry.

Watering A Container Aloe Vera Plant:

The container aloe plant should have proper drainage holes at the bottom that supports its healthy growth. Before watering, just observe and touch the soil whether it is moist or dry. Aloe vera plant growing in a small plant will need frequent watering.’

Watering Tips For Aloe Vera Plant:

  • Aloe vera plant can easily survive without water for a long time, but that doesn’t mean it is no need for water. Water this plant once every two to four weeks.
  • Water infrequently to the plant but deeply until it starts to drain out from the bottom of the pot.
  • Use filter water for irrigation and if you’re using tap water, allow it to sit overnight for the chlorine to evaporate.
  • To check the moisture of the soil before watering poke your index finger into the soil, if it feels like drying then water it.
  • In summer, water your aloe plant once in a week.
  • If the plant is overwatered, just pull it out and lay it gritty material like dry soil or sand under indirect sunlight. After a few days, report it in dry succulent soil and do not water it for a week after planting.

As there is no water regime of this plant, you should understand how often you water aloe vera plant by doing some experiments. It totally depends on the climate, season and location.

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