How To Get Aloe Vera Pups: Reasons For No Pups On Aloe Plants

How to get Aloe Vera Pups

Aloe vera, being a plant with several purposes it is a succulent which keeps on giving once planted. If your plant is healthy and happy it produces masses of babies, growing off the base of mother plant called “pups”.

Whether you’re growing aloe vera plant as a houseplant, or in your garden, the steps for propagating aloe vera are the same. And, there are several factors that may be to blame when there are no pups. Let’s figure out the problem of missing aloe vera pups.

How To Get Aloe Pups, When You See None To Your Plants?

Just like other succulents, aloe vera tends to produce more pups when the plant is lightly crowded in the container. If you want to repot them, make sure to choose a larger one to encourage its healthy growth.

How Old Is Your Aloe Vera Plant?

Sometimes an aloe won’t produce pups because it isn’t mature enough. Often, aloe vera pups don’t show up until the plant is five or six years old.

Aloe vera plant also doesn’t produce pups when it is grown under stress conditions. So, make sure you place it in full sun and feed it every four to six weeks during spring and summer season with water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half strength.

How To Get Aloe Pups?

You must plant it in potting mix formulated for cacti and succulents to encourage its better growth or you can also mix of regular potting soil and sand.

As a general rule, overwatering to any plants leads to the cause of root rot including aloe vera plant. You should water your plant only when the top two inches of potting mix feels dry and water very sparingly during winter months.

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However, some varieties of aloe vera plants don’t produce aloe pups because it isn’t their makeup. A few of these nonpup type includes coral aloe, tiger tooth aloe, and fez aloe.       

When To Propagate Aloe Vera?

You can divide aloe vera plants at any time during the year, but you must wait until the pups are mature enough to be removed from the parent plant. Check aloe vera roots before diving them to do that, carefully slide the entire plant out of the plant. Then gently brush away the dirt until you see the bottom of the pup.

Then remove the ones which have their own roots because aloe pups without roots will not survive. If all the offsets are really small and you can’t see any roots, then simply put back the plant into the pot and give it a few more months to grow.

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