Repotting Aloe Vera Pups Dividing Aloe Vera Babies From The Parent Plant

Aloe Vera is an ancient herb that is useful to treat many health and skin issues. It’s a succulent that keeps on giving. If you owned an Aloe Vera plant in your home, you might have an idea of pups, or babies growing off the base of the mother plant.

If you see a lot of pups around your plant, then it’s time to divide them from the parent plant and repot them to see more aloe Vera plants. Don’t you know how to divide or repot them successfully then you are at the right place to know about it deeply?

Simple instructions and tips are shown below will help you to divide, repot and grow more of them.

Getting Aloe Vera Babies

If your aloe Vera plant is healthy, then you’ll probably start noticing miniature aloe plants forming at its base. Wait until those babies grew up to 3-4 inches long before you start dividing them.

Dividing Aloe Vera Babies Or Pups

Most of the aloe Vera pups firmly attached to the base of the plant and will also have their own roots.

Now, slowly take the parent plant out of the container and remove or brush as much of the compost of its roots.

Check for the baby plants and see whether you can pull it from the main plant easily. If it has roots, then it can grow easily even after separating from the parent plant. Or else they won’t grow up.

For aloe Vera babies that won’t give, use a sharp knife and carefully cut it off from the parent plant.

Like all succulents, the wounds of aloe Vera plant need to heal completely before you put it in the container or pot.

How To heal Aloe Vera Plant Along With Its Pups?

Lay the parent plant along with all the pups in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Leave them for about 5-6 days before repotting them.

You can even repot the parent plant and pups after 24 hours if you don’t have time to wait for 5-6 working days. You’ll notice after a day the cut parts on the roots will have dried up to a slightly rough finish.

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Repotting Aloe Vera Pups

  • You must repot them in separate pots, as they need their own homes to grow healthily.
  • Choose a pot of 4 diameters for each baby plant of aloe Vera.
  • Plant them in free drying compost or mix 1 part of perlite with 2 parts of peat-free compost.
  • Gently insert each plant in its new home and spread the compost around it. Plant it no deeper than it was growing out of the ground at before.
  • Water them after 3 days and after then, water the plants only once the compost dries up.

How Long they’ll Mature?

Aloe Vera plant can live up to 12 long years. It means your aloe Vera pups also need sometime before it reaches the stage where you can harvest their leaves for gel.

This plant doesn’t need much fertilizer, as they benefit from being replanted in a new pot with new compost each year. It will take 3-4 years for your aloe Vera babies to grow as their parents. During this time, they work as a great air purifier in the house and look great as a house plant too. When they are large enough, you can use its gel for many uses like insect bites, sunburns, skin rashes or even to make handmade lotion naturally.

I hope you have got the right information on repotting aloe vera pups. And if you think your friends have to learn this please share it on your social networks.

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