Stop Buying Aloe Vera. Learn How to Grow an Endless Supply at Home

Aloe vera is an incredible and popular houseplant due to its wide range of health properties. This is a very easy plant to care for, making it staple in many homes. It can thrive easily in any environment and grow well indoors and outdoors with minimal care.

One shouldn’t be a green thumb to grow this plant in their spaces if you also want to grow this plant and enjoy its all health, skin, and hair benefits. Read out the complete article to know how to grow an endless supply of aloe vera easily at home.

How To Grow Your Own Aloe Vera:

To grow any plant, the first and foremost thing to think about is the soil. Good soil supports the healthy growth of the plant, so make sure to get well rich soil with compost and a nice spot to place the plant. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is important to choose a place where the plant gets plenty of light.

This plant can easily freeze in the winter season, so keep your local climate in mind when choosing the spot to place the plant. If you want to grow it indoors, then make sure it gets a minimum of 6-7 hours of sunlight in a day, however, south or west-facing windows are ideal for any plant.

Aloe vera loves dry soil, choose the cactus potting mix, or regular potting soil with perlite added. When planting aloe vera cover the roots of the plant are totally covered with soil. Plant it in a large planter that has good drainage and water it only once or twice in a month.

Always check the soil before watering for the next time. Water it only when the top of the soil feels completely dry.

How To Harvest Leaves From Aloe Vera Plant:

To harvest leaves from the aloe vera plant, start by selecting mature leaves from the outermost section of the plant. Cut them from as close to the base and don’t disturb the roots while cutting leaves.

Aloe vera plant produces plantlets or babies that can easily be removed by uprooting them. Detach from the parent plant and replant to produce another mature aloe vera. These mini plants are considered as great gifts, so planting them will help you to have plenty of aloes before you know it.

How To Care For Aloe Vera Plant?

Caring for aloe vera is not difficult. Below are some tips to follow when growing aloe vera plant.

Fertilize aloe vera plant with water-based fertilizer once or twice in a month.

  • If you see the leaves of the plant becoming thin or curled, it means that you need to water them more.
  • If you are growing the plant indoors, rotate the plant often to keep the plant healthy and leaves upright.
  • It should be planted in a large pot for its roots. Eventually, healthy aloe vera plants will probably reach the point.

Aloe vera gel is a topical remedy for all types of skin issues like burns, cuts, and other skin irritations. You can also consume aloe vera gel for collagen support, as a digestive aid.

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