Transplanting Aloe Vera When It’s Way Out of Control

Transplanting Aloe Vera Plant

How to replant aloe is the frequently asked question in online forums. If your aloe plant becomes outgrown and it’s way out of control, transplanting it to the larger pot is a good idea. The plant having many pups and leaning over is good for repotting. Although, it is easy to grow and transplantation of aloe vera requires much care.

Transplanting Potted Aloe

Follow the steps given below for transplanting aloe vera in a pot

1. Firstly, you have to find a clean and large-sized pot having a drain hole at the bottom and prepare it. Make use of a stone or a small piece of the screen by placing it in the hole to cover it.

2. Next to it, spread a layer of potting soil at the bottom of the pot. Use cactus soil for potting. If you don’t have cactus soil, you can prepare it by mixing sand with soil.

3. Take out the aloe plant from the pot. Try to handle it by the root ball to avoid the damage. The root ball is lucrative for lifting the large aloe plant while transplanting.

4. After this, on the top of the soil place the plant in a new pot. Then, put some land around the root ball to cover it. It is necessary for aligning the base of the plant with the lip of the pot. 

5. Keep in mind, around the root ball add more soil to fill the pot. Then, with the help of your hand, pat the soil down. Also, put growth hormone in it for growth and development of this plant.

6. At last, remove the dirt at the outer side of the pot. Then, water the transplant after two to three days of transplantation.

Tip for Watering and the Aloe Transplant

Always water the plant deeply and infrequently if it is transplanted in a pot until the excess water flows out through the drainage hole. As aloe vera is a succulent plant and Overwatering can cause root rotting. Moreover, morning time is best for watering the aloe plant.

Transplanting Garden-Planted Aloe

Follow the steps given below while transplanting the aloe vera plant in the garden.

1. Firstly, let the area soaked for softening the soil for digging if the ground is hard and dry. And put a shovel at the base of aloe plant roots.

2. Then, lift the plant out of the soil by pushing the shovel handle down. If you are transplanting a large-sized plant, then before lifting it dig out the roots from sides.

3. Moreover, you can move small-sized plants with hand and for large-sized plants use wheelbarrow by placing root ball on it.

4. Then, find a well-drained and sunny area in your garden and dig a hole there deep as the root ball. Furthermore, for improving the drainage, you can mix soil with a coarse material like pumice and sharp sand.

5. Next to it, stick the plant upright in the hole and backfill the soil around the roots. With your hand pat the ground.

6. Lastly, you have to wait for 2-3 days and then water the new aloe vera transplant.

Tips for Feeding Aloe Transplant

After transplanting aloe vera plant keep in mind the feeding tips. During the growing season feed your potted aloe plant once a month with fertilizer used for houseplants only. If you transplant aloe vera in the ground then, fertilize it twice a year during the fall and spring. Use low-nitrogen fertilizer.

People Also Ask:

Q. When Can I Transplant Aloe Vera?

Ans:- Well, spring and summer is the best time for transplanting aloe vera plant. In warmer climates, it can be grown in October. Before the days become cold, you should give a month to aloe plant to settle in.

Final Words:

Lastly, you should follow the above steps while transplanting your aloe vera plant both in a pot or in the landscape. Do many people ask how to replant aloe? So, the process explained above will be helpful for them. While repotting or transplanting this plant, you should keep in mind a few tips for its care as well.

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