Why Aloe Has Sticky Leaves? Reasons For A Sticky Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is a common houseplant in mostly all places of the world due to its easy care and maintenance. All it needs is a little sunlight, moderate water, and heat, can also survive easily even when you neglect it for a few days. The sticky aloe plant is a symptom of insect infestation unless you grow it under a sappy plant.

What is the reason for Sticky leaves of aloe? It’s just the result of honeydew and if you see your aloe vera has sticky leaves. Firstly, you should find out which insects are causing the problem to precede the right treatment.

The thick and serrated leaves of aloe vera make an excellent foil for softer and round plants with similar cultivation needs. Aloe plant also needs supplemental care as long as they are grown in well-drained slightly gritty soil with enough sunlight and water for once in a week. If you see insects on your plants, that means they are not well cared or kept in stressful conditions.

Why Is Aloe Sticky?

Generally honeydew is a waste of several insects and among them, aphids, scale, and mealybugs are the common ones that infest succulents and other plants and spread in closely grown specimens. They produce a sticky by-product that gets on foliage and leaves a tacky film.

Each insect has a different appearance, so it’s always better to check at the underside of leaves and in the crown when your aloe vera leaves are sticky. It’s good to know each insect’s appearance and diseases.

Bugs Of Sticky Aloe Plants:

Aphids are small-bodied insects and common names of this insect include black fly, greenfly, even though individuals within species can vary widely in color.

Aloe Vera Fertilizing Tips
Insect on Aloe-vera leaf

Generally, there are two types of succulents that commonly attack succulent plants like aloe vera are armored scale and soft scale insects. Soft scale insects appear as small bumps on leaves and stems. They suck the juice and damage the vitality of succulent and cause discoloration and stippling.

You can also find sticky leaves when your aloe vera is infected with mealy bugs. Identify them from fuzzy white to a pinkish substance that surrounds soft-bodied bugs.

What Is The Treatment When Aloe Vera Leaves Are Sticky:

Why Aloe Has Sticky Leaves

You can easily rinse off with clean water and some portions of insects will be removed during this process as well, but the unknown fact is they remain hidden in small scars and crevasses.

Instead of using normal water, make your own homemade bug killer with 8 parts of water, 1 part rubbing alcohol, and little amount of dish soap. Mix all of them together and pour it in to spray bottle. Spray this mixture on your plants by thoroughly soaking both upper and lower parts of the leaves.

You can also use neem oil which is natural, effective, and non-toxic treatment on your plants. Caring and good management will prevent sticky aloe vera plants.

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